that one simple moment.

shared between a daughter & her mom.

and to think, those same hands will some day be looping buttons down a gown.

Christin Marie | Houston Lifestyle Photographer

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preview of King Henry’s first year session — it’s not every day I get to shoot handsome royalty dressed-to-impress in a suit & black tie . . .



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second mini session of the season was these outgoing little ladies from the R Family. Last year was my first time photographing them and let me tell you, they’re a HOOT to photograph – I could not wait for our session this year since last year was so much fun! I joke with their mom and dad that I should be paying them because all I have to do is follow them around giving little to no direction… and capture their amazing personalities & ideas that come about – you would think these two are in front of the camera daily because of how active they become.

I also love that mom+dad keep a distance behind wherever we may venture off towards which helps create a nice bond while I’m shooting .. HOWEVER, I do hope they decide to be *in* the photos soon 😉   I can only imagine the amazing family moments they would have while interacting with these fun gals!

I just adore the silliness between these two in addition to the sweet sisterhood they share…  and I just know they will love looking back on these moments during the years to come.

Christin Marie | Katy, Texas Child Photographer

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This past Saturday // OCT 18th kicked off the holiday mini season — first on deck was the W Family!

Our session started off a bit on the shy side with the little handsome dude but he warmed up within a few minutes after sharing his very cool pop-up Spiderman book with me. Everyone had fun exploring — we found big sticks and picked pecans from the tree. And let’s not forget the gorgeous golden light that surrounded them while creating some family memories. Excited for them to see the rest of their proofs! [fingers crossed they are happy… Eeek!]

Christin Marie | Katy, Tx Family Photographer

Christin Marie | Katy, Tx Family Photographer

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Mr. Hardin turns the big ONE today. this handsome fella belongs to my best friend Robin –  fun fact: she was the “crazy camera lady” wayyy back after my son (now almost 12 yrs old) was born .

Robin & I made arrangements to have lunch last month [she lives 3 hours away so it’s a must to see each other when possible]. It wasn’t even a thought to do photos of Hardin until we were trying to nail down where/when we wanted to meet. It dawned on me that Mr. H  was turning one the following month and by BFF Law she isn’t allowed to hire any other photographer but ME  to do his first year portraits [kidding not kidding] 😉

The night before we decided to meet inside Houston at the heights studio so  1) she could see the place 2) we could squeeze in a few pics before having lunch nearby. It rained all afternoon so it became the perfect spot to hang out + catch up + play with Hardin while capturing those sweet faces he makes [and let’s not forget the awesome hair] !

So here are some favorites of the Birthday Boy… constantly smiling + the happiest little man!  Also… very excited there is a shipment arriving tomorrow at his home with large prints Robin ordered from this session… I’m anxious to see them on display when I visit this weekend!



After our little “mini session” we went down the block to enjoy some Heights dining… & the adorableness  did .not .end. Love these lifestyle shots [my favorite kind] of Hardin + his momma <3

Christin Marie | Houston Lifestyle Photographer

Christin Marie | Houston Lifestyle Photographer

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It was very nice to give this sweet family the opportunity to soak in the birthday-fun while I was in charge of the photographing Miss Lena’s party at the Little Gym in Kingwood, Tx. Not only did I capture some sweet faces, but I also squeezed in an extraordinary work out while chasing  around a group of adorable little girls 🙂

I would definitely recommend hiring a photographer to any parent! The stress of hosting is gone when you can sit back and enjoy  the party with your child and not worry about capturing photos of every little moment that happens… more importantly, you are *in* the photos (& not behind the camera) I find it very important for all parents to be in the photos since these are the moments your children will love to reminisce — as much as they will love looking back on themselves it’s very important for their relatives to be in photos, too!

[Real Talk: I should take that  same advice for my own kids birthdays — this year I forgot to bring the camera to my daughter’s birthday… no joke. I’m hiring another professional next year! hehe ]

©cmariphoto_kingwod-tx-child-birthday-photographer-4   love cm

last night’s session  [a lifestyle family consisting of mom+dad, son+wife, another son+wife hanging out and sharing moments together] ended with this son+wife jumping into the pool fully clothed and sharing a moment together. unplanned.  in the moment. their body language captures me.

Christin Marie | Houston Lifestyle Photographer

Christin Marie | Houston Lifestyle Photographer

more to come from this amazing family.

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I met Riley and her sweet momma at the studio for some individual portraits to celebrate Riley’s second birthday.  It was nice having an indoor option to begin with since the summer heat was intense.

I have documented Riley’s BirthStory ™  + her entire first year of milestone portraits AND they’re also my seasonal mini regulars. I cannot get enough of them and hope they feel the same. This family is very dear to me and I always get excited when I see mom’s name pop up in my inbox wanting to book another session.

We went next door to get the sweet miss a strawberry cupcake…. she was (literally) bouncing around  before we fed her sugar so you can only imagine the energy level she had afterwards!

I even got mom a cupcake because ,as a mom of an energetic toddler girl myself, I  felt she deserved a treat, too 🙂




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Last week was very special – my good friends, Alex & Akil, welcomed their first child.

It all began when some girlfriends + I made last minute reservations to have brunch with Alex for restaurant week – – – instead she spent the morning checking into the hospital.  I  finally got to pop over for a visit this weekend so I could bring the new parents some lunch,  meet the new guy, and {big shocker} my camera was in tow with hopes of capturing a few photos.

Nathaniel {aka Nate} is one handsome fella… when I first arrived my jaw literally dropped in AWE.  I cannot get over how tiny and precious this little one is… and let’s not forget that hair. He has some great hair and a LOT of it!  Since it was more of a visit, I made sure to keep my gear nearby incase a moment caught my eye that I wanted to document. I also got to steal some 1:1 time with Mr. Nate while giving the new {sleep deprived} parents a tiny break [ #babyconcierge ]

I’m currently in debt since Akil has captured great moments for me+my family . . .  so I did a quick edit on some favorites  [crazy-busy fall season is approaching soon and pretty sure they want to see these before 2015].

Welcome to the world Nate… you’re pretty darn perfect & I’m more than flattered to have captured your first “real” portraits [minus the ones the hospital does. . . but those don’t count, right? 😉 ]



Christin Marie | Houston Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

[clients who might be wondering… this is lifestyle newborn using only available light. I love this style because it is natural + genuine and more personable since the space used is your home.  No backdrops and no props… just whatever is lying around, including any adorable pups 😉 ]

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No, this post isn’t to boost the new avenue of pet photography. Instead this is a personal post that I hope helps everyone understand the power of photography.

Being an avid dog lover myself it it hurt my heart tremendously yesterday when my best friend Tracy shared how her Sweet Zoey had passed away while we shared a cry over the phone. I hate being all the way in Houston while she’s in Atlanta enduring this loss. Zoey was her second chihuahua and second of three babies. I remember when we were young and in college Tracy got Zoey because Angel, her first chihuahua, needed another dog companion.  Zoey was tiny as can be but a huge fighter. After suffering seizures through out her life she was diagnosed with meningitis two years ago… and this past year her health began to decline even more. Tracy was the best mom and sacrificed a ton to ensure Zoey was in the best of care.

In the midst of our cry yesterday Tracy asked if I could send any photos I had of Zoey… and then I remembered “oh yeah… I’m a horrible photographer that forgets to go through their personal photos after uploading and have not even touched the ones from my trip I took in December”. So this morning I woke up, picked a few images that touched my heart, and now writing this small dedication to Sweet Zoey so there is something published in the world wide web so others may see and remember her sweet face

My visits were far and few… but ‘Aunt C’ always made sure to bring those sweet babies tiny treats & toys… so I like to believe they loved me. While visiting this past December and getting ready to go be tourists in my girlfriend’s city of Atlanta… I decided to stalk her pets [two chihuahuas and a cat-dog] around the condo with my “big” camera for a few minutes. Zoey was the camera hog of the three… as you can tell she was so interested in my camera & “posed” the most for me 🙂  #doggymodel